Items included

These kits are specially designed for 12+ years old children. The experiments are followed by all the safety measures, yet it should be done under the supervision of elders. List of experiments and major items in the kit are given below.

Alum Corals

Potassium Alum
Indigo Carmine Colour
Conical Flask*
Petri Dish*

Crystal Garden

Soap Soluton
Conical Flask*
Petri Dish*

Chemical Traffic Light

NaOH Soluton
Indigo Carmine
Disposable Glass*
12ml Syringe*
Plastic Bottle

Dye it!

K3[Fe(CN)6] Soluton
FeSO4 Soluton
CuSO4 Soluton
Wooden Stick
Rubber Band
Disposable Glass*

Rectilinear Propagation

Two Mirror Stands*

Hologram Magic Box

Hologram Box
transparent Acrylic Sheet

Mirror Images

Two Mirrors & Stands
Protractor Sheet
3V Battery
Paper Clip

Two Way Mirrors

Two Way Box
Image Stickers
Two Way Mirror


Paper Tray
Instruction Note
Safty Note
*This item is general for 2 more experiments