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Making a robot at your home is really stunning. This kit is made with all the needed elements for the making of an ant robot which tells the secret behind the movement of the ant.

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A DIY STEAM kit for children of age 10 and above. It provides the basics of robotics along with a puzzled outfit of an ant. This kit provides a clear idea of how ants move in line with the help of chemicals in the real world. The working of the Ant Robot is blended with the principle of line following Robot and of the ants in the real world, which makes them move exactly like an ant who follows the other ants. We developed a curie chip and motor driver circuit for the functioning of the Ant Robot. The student has to assemble each and every part of the robot, following the instruction manual and video instructions. The student sets up the circuit, which is given in the form of specially designed puzzles, with the help of the instructions. The child can make the ant robot move wherever he/she wishes to, by setting the track. The kit also provides information on the use of robots in the modern industrial world through different activities. Since the outfit is made up of biodegradable materials, it is eco friendly and economical.

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