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What will you do, when your TV remote is not working, and you are angry at your clock for not ticking? Cheer up!  Bring the  Curiefy’s “Battery making” kit to your home. The kit includes four different experiments that will help you to build batteries on your own.

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 In our day-to-day life battery is one of the essential things. But we never tried to make one on our own at our home, right?

Curiefy’s Battery making kit for children of age more than 11+ years old helps the child to make batteries on their own, using the given chemicals such as Zinc, Carbon, Manganese dioxide, copper tape etc and know how a battery works. It provides a vivid knowledge on the use of chemicals in the day to day life and how it enhances redox reaction in a battery. The kit takes the child into the history of the battery and its  invention. It also lets them know  different batteries such as dry cell batteries, Lithium batteries, Aluminium batteries, and even how fruits and vegetables in the kitchen can be turned into batteries. The kit provides knowledge on the batteries used in our day to day life along with the innovations of batteries in the modern world and why Aluminium Battery is a hope for the world.  The kit is included with all the safety measures which helps the kids to do their experiments securely at their home.

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  1. Arun Mohan

    shipping delayed, but the product was worth for money. very much helpful for students in different age group.

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