Colorful Chemistry Kit


The kit consists of 3 experiments and an activity which connects one with the science of colors around with them. The kit helps one to know the relation of colors with chemicals and chemical reactions.

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The STEAM-based kit opens a door to the world of colors to the children. The kit helps your children to know the chemistry behind the colors. Through different experiments such as changing the color of liquid using candies and electric current, extracting color from vegetables, making a garden of colorful crystals, etc aroses the child’s interest in chemistry. Since all the experiments are done at their home itself, eventually they can make a chemical home lab at their home. The kit also provides information like from where all the colors we use now were invented? Why is purple called the Royal color? Which is the blackest color in the world etc.  In a way the kit really takes the kids into the magical world of color and enables them to understand the various reactions inside the colors through different experiments.

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