DIY Automatic Lantern


The kit which is provided with all the essentials for an automatic electric lantern with a biodegradable outfit. One can make an adorable magic lantern at their own home simply following the instructions.

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Ever thought of Prototyping a circuit at your home? The DIY Lantern kit specially made for children above 10 years old helps them to know how to prototype a circuit and make an electric lantern by themselves. The magic lantern can automatically turn on and off whenever we need. It also helps the children to know about the world of lanterns and the fun facts in relation to them. In the kit we provide laser cut wooden pieces for the outfit of an adorable Lantern. The children have to assemble the pieces properly following the instructions provided in the instruction manual or video instructions. This DIY STEAM kit helps them to know the basics of electronics and how they can make a circuit using a breadboard by themselves. This glue free cost effective biodegradable kit makes your children engaged with the electronics.

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