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The kit which let one make a robot which was attracted by the light exactly like a fly bug. Get the kit and know the secret behind the attraction of light by the bugs through making a robot at your home.

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A robotic puzzle for children of more than 10 years old that can be done by themselves at their home itself. It’s a DIY STEAM kit with an outfit of a fly bug. It also initiates the children to know the secret behind the light bug’s attraction to light. Like the light bug in the real world, the Light Bug Robot also moves towards the direction where it sees light. We use the specially designed Curie chip and motor driver circuit in this robot. With the help of the instruction manual and video instructions, the children have to assemble the robot by themselves. They also have to build the circuit following the instructions properly, which helps them to understand the basics of robotics by themselves. This cost effective biodegradable kit helps them to understand the innovations in robotics and the use of robots in the modern world.

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