We Had Our Journey of Thought

By the end of 2018 we got a bliss of thought to form a community of science enthusiasts and young professionals to popularize science in regional language in the form of digital contents. In the beginning of 2019 we got the team along with the objective of taking science learning beyond the curriculum and enhancing critical thinking and analyzing nature among children in a fun and enjoyable way.


Curiefy is a collective of young professionals working forward to nurture scientific temper among children. We aspire for a space for the science enthusiasts as well as the pupils to learn and experience science through exciting DIY activities at their home itself. In order to make learning an experience, a customized experience oriented science learning beyond the conventional learning patternĀ  is provided.

We Have

DIY STEAM wonder activity kits with essential tools meant for the children to experience the experiments and do their own discoveries which eventually leads to the creation of Homelab. Along with this we have digital contents and mobile app to enrich the experience oriented self learning. Withal the students, individuals of any age can enjoy the activities and step into the world of science.